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Waste Disposal Device

Used to collect hazardous blood waste during Operating Room procedures, while providing protection to clinicians and patients from blood-born pathegens.

  • Secure non-splatter lid with insertion site for syringes
  • Unique separate "mini" lid for closing off insertion site once procedure is completed
  • Absorbs liquids, complying with hospital's waste disposal requirements
  • Large 1000ml bowl to accommodate waste fluids
  • Adhesive tab on the base provides for secure placement on the back table
  • Does not contain Latex, Nano-Silver additives or Phthalates
  • Lot traceable


Instructions for use:

Place the syringe into the lid cavity and over (but not into) the absorbent pad Dispose of fluid waste by discharging the contents of the syringe into the basin The fluid solidifier in the pad will crystallise the fluid Cover the cavity with the incorporated lid - the product is now ready for safe disposal


Item No.DescriptionQuantity
AR-77301371NS Waste Disposal Device 100/Cs