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Waste Collection Stations


  • Facilitates the safe collection of fluid waste
  • Allows the administration of saline and contrast solutions
  • Minimises contact with infectious blood and body fluids
  • Leak resistant dual check valces make disposal clean and easy






With ClipWithout ClipDescriptionQuantity
35-301692 35-300692 Waste station with vented spike, dual check valve 80/Cs
35-301695 35-300695 Waste station with macro drip chamber, dual check valve 80/Cs
35-301691 35-300691 Waste station with vented spike, dual check valve, anti-reflux 80/Cs
35-401215 35-400215 Waste station plus blue stripe contrast level 80/Cs
35-301735 35-300735 Waste station plus blue contrast line, anti-reflux valve 80/Cs
35-401192 35-400192 Waste station plus in-line contrast saver (use mini spike, item 35-400212) 80/Cs
35-300726 - Waste bag with 60" tubing and male luer lock 80/Cs
35-300783 - Waste bag with 60" tubing, in-line check valve and male luer lock 80/Cs