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Owens & Minor is committed to conducting its business in a socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and sustainable manner. We combine social compliance and environmental sustainability into one overarching standard that demonstrates our commitment to our teammates, suppliers, shareholders, and customers.

Social Compliance

Business Integrity

Our compliance program is designed to ensure we adhere to all applicable global laws and regulations and to encourage our teammates to speak up when needed. Owens & Minor strives to foster a culture of doing the right thing, which includes candid communication when an issue arises.

Code of Honour

The Owens & Minor Code of Honor sets forth the standards and guidelines for ethical behavior expected ofeveryone who works for and with our Company. The Code is core to our mission, beliefs, and values. We require that every Owens & Minor teammate and every member of our Board of Directors pledges to uphold the standards of conduct in the Code.

Prohibit Discrimination and Harassment

Owens & Minor prohibits discrimination and harassment in all aspects of employment (recruitment, hiring, placement, training, compensation, treatment, and advancement) and is deeply committed to adhering with all applicable laws.

Provide a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Owens & Minor strives to provide a secure, safe, and healthy workplace. We believe complying with all applicable occupational safety and health laws, rules, and regulations is critical to maintaining a productive workplace, mitigating the risk of accidents, and minimizing injuries and other health risks.

Global Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our teammates, customers, vendors, and suppliers is standard operating practice at Owens & Minor. We keep personal and confidential information secure by ensuring information technology solutions and security protocols are in place and built into the design of our systems. Owens & Minor complies with applicable international, regional, and local laws to ensure data is protected.

We Care About Our Teammates

Owens & Minor believes that the health and wellbeing of our teammates is important, and we demonstrate our commitment in this area by supporting our teammates in their quest for good health. Owens & Minor maintains programs designed to educate and encourage our teammates to eat healthy, stop smoking, and engage in regular exercise. Owens & Minor also provides vacation and leave benefits intended to ensure our teammates maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Bribery and Corruption

Owens & Minor strives to be free of bribery and corruption and makes every effort to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws. Owens & Minor strictly prohibits bribery and other corrupt business practices, and we maintain policies and procedures to ensure that any wrongdoing is quickly discovered and corrected. This deep and abiding commitment to ethical business practices applies to all Owens & Minor activities across the globe.

Proper Procurement Practices

As a company dedicated to doing business ethically, Owens & Minor is committed to collaborating with like-minded, ethical organizations. Thus, Owens & Minor takes steps to ensure that the companies with which we do business share our values, and we maintain compliance programs that support ethical procurement practices globally, including the U.S. Conflict Minerals regulation.

Protection Against Child Labor

Owens & Minor does not engage in or tolerate child labor or the exploitation of children. We make every effort to ensure not only that Owens & Minor is abiding by all applicable workplace laws, but also that we are not doing business with anyone that recruits or exploits children.

Prohibit Forced Labor and Abuse of Labor

Owens & Minor prohibits the physical or mental abuse of teammates and prohibits the use of all forms of forced labor, including forced prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, or slave labor. Owens & Minor is committed to doing its part to end these abuses and the human trafficking associated with them.

Environmental Sustainability

We Protect the Environment

Owens & Minor conducts business in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations. We strive to eliminate waste, improve processes to reduce carbon emissions, reduce our carbon footprint, and we have taken actions to increase the amount of renewable energy we utilize. We believe that operating with the environment in mind is not just the right thing to do ecologically, it is also good business.


Owens & Minor has received multiple awards in recognition of our world class recycling efforts. For example, in our manufacturing facilities, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and currently operate at 97% landfill free, with a goal of achieving 100%. In addition, our Blue Renew recycling program, which assists our customers in recycling sterilization wraps, reduces landfill waste by millions of pounds annually. We believe that encouraging recycling is an important part of being a good steward to our environment.

Carbon Emissions

Reducing our carbon footprint plays a major role in our environmental sustainability program. We currently meet or exceed all standards for air emissions, storm water, and pollution prevention management under the U.S. EPA and other global authorities. Owens & Minor has implemented various programs to reduce our carbon emissions. For example, we leverage software that provides our drivers with the best route for delivery, saving time and energy. We are deliberate and committed to protecting the environment.

Charitable Donations

Owens & Minor is committed to being a force for good within the healthcare industry and within the many communities we serve around the world. We encourage our teammates to give back to their communities by giving their time, energy, and resources to worthy causes. Owens & Minor also directly supports healthcare-related charities and other philanthropic efforts around the world as permitted by law.

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