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Needle Counter, Standard


Designed to provide a safe and easy way to store and count various types of sharps used during a procedure


  • Full surface magnet provides extra space for odd-shaped sharps, pins,
       blades or needles
  • Markings on the magnet allow easy sharps placement and positioning
  • Foam allows needles to be parked securely covering the sharp tip
  • Easy to open latches, high contrast numbers facilitating correct count of    blades and needles
  • Latex, Nano-Silver and Phthalates free
  • Lot traceable





Product No.DescriptionQuantity
AR-250101 Needle Counter, Double Magnet, 20CT, 40CP 100/Cs
AR-250103 Needle Counter, Single Magnet, Clear Top, 10CT, 20CP 100/Cs
AR-250104 Needle Counter, Double Magnet, Horizontal, 30CT, 60CP 100/Cs
AR-250401 Needle Counter, Foam Block/Magnet, Horizontal, 20CT, 40CP 80/Cs