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A range of cost-effective surgical instruments to ensure best patient outcome and OR efficiency.


  • Single use quality instruments including forceps, needle holders and scissors Esmark Bandages
  • Suited to a variety of procedures
  • Both metal and plastic components listed
  • Does not contain Latex, Nano-Silver additives or Phthalates
  • Lot traceable






Item No.DescriptionCase Quantity
AR-260175NS Sponge Forceps, Plastic Green, 19cm 500/Cs
AR-2901213NS Sponge Forceps, Plastic Green, 24cm 400/Cs
AR-003415NS Sponge Stick Applicator, Blue, 15cm 1000/Cs
AR-000182NS Sponge Stick Applicator, Orange, 20cm 1000/Cs