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Holloware Range

ArcRoyal are pleased to introduce our new branded line of single-use surgical Holloware products. This range consists of multipurpose plastic containers and trays such as Medicine Cups, Emesis Basins and an assortment of trays to meet a diverse variety of clinical needs. We have listened to our customers and developed our own product specifications which:


  • Consolidates all our experience and knowledge into one high quality branded range.
  • Incorporates subtle, but convenient design features such as ribs that are flush to the rim on our bowls, allowing product to be separated easily.
  • Uses convenient packaging configurations, including the use of separation inserts to prevent damage and ensure product is easy to handle during processing.

This new product line represents ArcRoyal’s continuing dedication to high quality and innovative products, and our commitment to broadening our portfolio offering to better satisfy our customers’ needs.


Bowls and Trays